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Durst Sigma 67 Film Scanner

Scans films up to 6 x 7cm

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Durst's new Sigma 67 Film Scanner is designed to produce crisp digital images from nonperforated films up to 6 x 7 cm. The Sigma 67, which can scan color negatives, color transparencies, and black-and- white films, incorporates the imaging software used by the Durst Sigma Plus Film Scanner. It features tools such as softproofing with ICC profiles, Digital ICE for automatic scratch and dust removal, and an auto-image enhancement for color negatives. It only takes 15 sec to create a 75-MB file from a 6 x 7-in. format film image, according to Durst.

The Sigma 67 is designed for use by small labs as well as wedding, portrait, and fashion-photography studios. Price: $29,700. (Durst: www.durstus.com)

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