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Durst's Rho 350R Roll-to-Roll UV Printer

Is 11.5-ft wide, 4 colors, and UV-curable

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The latest in the Durst Rho line of printers, the Rho 350R is the company's first rollfed-only UV-curable printer. Presented to Europe at Sign Italia in November 2005, the Rho 350R will make its North American debut at April's ISA

The 11.5-ft, 4-color UV-curable printer accommodates media as thick as 2 mm and is equipped with Durst's Quadro Array printhead technology. Each array comprises four nozzle plates with a total of 512 nozzles, and the new Rho is available as Rho 350R-8 or 350R-16 (reflecting either 8 or 16 arrays). Each Quadro Array prints either 400 or 600 dpi, depending on the variable-drop size (between 40 and 55 picoliters).

The 350R boasts speeds up to 2500 sq ft/hr at its lowest-resolution setting. Draft mode produces 1292 sq ft/hr and is "the setting at which 80% or more of jobs can be expected to be printed, given the most common applications," says Christopher Howard, vice president of sales and marketing, large-format printing, Durst Image Technology US.

The Rho 350R is a CMYK printer, and the inkset can be expanded with optional white or spot-color modules. It's compatible with several of Durst's inksets; the most popular inks for this printer, says the company, are the Rho Flexible and Rho Roll/Cationic inksets. The latter inks (called "dark" inks) need less UV light to work, speed up printing, and produce less odor and migration, although they are more expensive. Both the Flexible and the Roll/Cationic inksets pass the rivet-conformability test and are recommended for "complex curve" applications such as vehicle wraps.

Gloss and matte finishes are available on the 350R as a result of the Rho's two-lamp curing/drying system. The user can choose whether to "light" the leading lamp, the trailing lamp, or both lamps. Ink that's cured sooner with the leading lamp produces a matte finish and sharper detail; ink cured later with the trailing lamp produces a gloss finish.

Other features include: automatic accurate registration for double-sided printing; support for dual media roll loading; motorized roll take-up; skip-white function; and Durst's new True Touch on-screen interface, which eliminates the need for a keyboard. The included RIP is Onyx PosterShop for PCs or Caldera GrandRIP+ for Linux and Macs.

The Durst Rho 350R will begin shipping in Q2 2006. Price to be announced.


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