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DustKleen and SensorKleen Introduced

Dust-removal products from ImageTrends.

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ImageTrends has announced two new standalone products: DustKleen and SensorKleen.

DustKleen is automatic dust-removal program with manual touch-up controls for scanned images from film as well as prints. The technology identifies defects that are not part of the image conent and removes them without harming the image itself. The user can set the Size, Amount, and Aggression sliders for optimum dust removal; a manual touch-up mode provides advanced controls to adjust brush and dust size.

SensorKleen is a semi-automatic SmartBrush that removes artifacts created by dust and debris on an SLR camera's sensor cover. Only the artifacts are removed, while the underlying image content is restored. A fully automatic SensorKleen Pro version will be on the market later this year (users will be able to upgrade).

Price: $49.95 each. Both products are currently only available as Windows-based versions.


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