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DxO Labs and onOne Bundle FilmPack and Plug-in Suite 3

Permits users to combine color rendition and grain profiles.

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DxO Labs and onOne Software have partnered to bundle DxO’s FilmPack product with onOne’s Plug-in Suite 3 for Photoshop.

Compatible with Windows and Macintosh, DxO FilmPack v1.1 enables digital photographers to add the effect-in terms of color and grain-of more than 20 slide, black-and-white, and color negative films; it even permits users to combine the color rendition and grain profiles of different films. This latest version also adds a range of "toning" renditions. DxO FilmPack effects can be applied to any digital image in JPEG or TIFF8 or TIFF16 format, regardless of its source (digital camera, DSLR, digital scan, etc); when used within DxO Optics Pro, the FilmPack effects can also be applied to raw images. Version 1.1 of DxO FilmPack is available as an Adobe Photoshop plug-in for Photoshop CS2, CS3, and Photoshop Elements 4 and 5, as a stand-alone application, and as an add-on to DxO Optics Pro 4.2 or greater.

The Plug-In Suite 3 from onOne includes full versions of: Genuine Fractals 5, for resizing images over 1000%; Mask Pro 4.1, for creation of high-quality masks and selections from difficult subjects like hair and glass; PhotoFrame Pro 3.1, to create border and edge effects; and Intellihance Pro 4.2, which combines eight image adjustments.

The suite is Photoshop CS2- and CS3-compatible and features Universal Binary support to offer fast native support for Photoshop CS3 and Intel-based Macintosh computers. Price on the bundle: $429.95.