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DxO Optics Pro v. 4 Introduced

New correction features, color-adjustment tools, and more.

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DxO Labs has introduced the next version of DxO Optics Pro, its automatic image-enhancement software. Optics Pro v. 4 includes four areas of new functionality: comprehensive image control via the Optics Engine; complete color-adjustment toolbox; plug-in compatibility with Photoshop; and overall improved performance.

The core component of DxO Optics Pro, the DxO Optics Engine, now allows for horizon adjustment (rotation), keystoning (perspective) correction, and Volume Anamorphosis correction feature, which brings 3D objects deformed by ultra-wide angle lenses back to their correct proportions. As in previous versions, the DxO Optics Engine automatically corrects lens distortion, vignetting, lens softness, and chromatic aberrations.

The new color-adjustment toolbox includes Multi-Point Color Balance tools for optimal color balance. In addition, it offers Color Rendition, which allows setting from one camera to be applied to images taken with another camera.

Once installed in Photoshop, the DxO Optics Pro plug-in will allow users to access DxO image-correction features when opening RAW or JPEG images.

Both image adjustment and image processing speed have been increased up to 500% compared to previous versions. Version 4 also is optimized for Mac/Intel processors.

Available for Windows, Intel Mac, and Macintosh machines this month, pricing has not been announced yet. Users purchasing v. 3.5 after June 20 will be eligible for a free upgrade.



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