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Dye-sub Paper from InteliCoat

Designed for aqueous piezo printers with dye-sub inks.

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InteliCoat Technologies has added Magic DS100 Hybrid Sublimation Paper to its line of media offerings. Designed for aqueous piezo printers equipped with dye-sub inks, the 100-gsm paper can be used on textiles, metals, plastics, ceramics, and porcelains as long as the surfaces have been specialty coated or polymer-coated to accept the ink. Intended for indoor applications, InteliCoat notes the key features of the dye-sub paper are: minimal cockle, quick dry times, vibrant colors, no outgassing, 95-100% ink release, and no blow through.

Available in 17- to 60-in. rolls and 8.5 x 11- and 13 x 19-in. sheets.


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