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2019 Goals

We asked the pros what we can look forward to seeing in wide format this year.

We asked 10 of Big Picture's Editorial Advisory Board members to address the current state of the wide-format industry and reveal what we should expect in 2019.

What do you look forward to creating, printing, and/or witnessing in 2019?

Elaine Scrima, VP of operations, GSP Companies: I just want the business to continue to grow, and I think we’re putting together a strategic plan to do so. If there are innovations in the industry that allow us to do that, even better. It isn’t so much what I want to see from the industry, but what I want to see from us internally. 

Stan Lucas, business development manager, wide format, DCG One: Continued development of interior décor coupled with retail promotions. Slow but steady adoption of work – like wood and metal – to augment our print and fabrication services.

Jon Sherman, founder/creative director, Flavor Paper: We are releasing a collection featuring formerly verboten subject matter, which is exciting!

Chris Laniak, VP of sales, Excelsus Solutions: Looking forward to seeing the growth of interior décor within Excelsus. We’re continuing to push it to local end users. We’re looking to reshape how local retailers buy signage by offering subscription-based promotions that are hands off for them and all signage is 100-percent custom and tailored to them. Lot of great stuff in the works for a very exciting 2019!

Ryan Clark, president, Direct Edge Media: For the first time, 3D printing has looked interesting to me. I’m sure the costs will come down and it will be the next wave of printing. Traditional printing is getting faster and cheaper, but not very intriguing. And, continued growth – we definitely have our challenges, but there’s never a dull moment around here! 

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