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EFi Advances ColorProof XF

New features and changes to proofing and production solution.

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EFI has announced new features and changes to its Colorproof XF proofing and production solution, which is designed for prepress and print professionals, as well as creatives and publishers. With the addition of Colorproof XF Service Pack 4, EFI has opted to focus on remote proofing as well as support of the new Pantone Goe System.

* Remote proofing: Its new XF Satellite configuration is designed for customers working across multiple locations who need to process, print, and verify RPF (remote printing file) formats or "remote containers." XF Satellite packages installed in remote locations provide full flexibility in processing RPF files, and are dedicated to that function.

* Goe support: Colorproof XF supports Pantone’s new Goe System (as do all EFI products across the product line, in addition to its support of Pantone Libraries).

Users can now directly process print jobs containing Pantone Color separations and automatically produce color-accurate output of the complete print job.

Colorproof XF also now supports a variety of newly launched printers. Service Pack 4 is immediately available free of charge to current Colorproof XF v3.1 users.


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