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EFI Announces Fiery Q5000 Server and Fiery System 6

Aimed toward high-production environments

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Aimed at high-end production printing environments, the Fiery Q5000 color server features 3.2-GHz Intel dual Xeon processors, RAID 0 data striping on dual 160-GB hard drives, and 1.5-GB dual-channel DDR memory. It can process two jobs at once, RIP'ing a new file while simultaneously printing another. Further, it offers a single, unified workflow for handling all print jobs"?variable- data and non-variable-data jobs.

Fiery System 6 Software is available on the new Fiery Q5000, and as an upgrade for current Fiery customers. Key features include: an EFI Command WorkStation for centralized print-job management; an open, flexible, and scalable variable-data printing solution; EFI Impose Fiery Edition, a WYSIWYG server-based imposition application; and advanced production tools for job management and submission.

Both the Fiery System 6 and Fiery Q5000 color server are part of the company's new Fiery Graphic Arts Package, Premium Edition. The new package features EFI ImageViewer, a soft-proofing tool for zooming in and catching trapping errors, moire patterns, and output color profile shifts. It also offers a Paper Simulation Editor, which allows adjustments to the hue, brightness, and saturation of the simulated output to better manage the customer's expectations of the proof. A Postflight diagnostic tool provides information on how a job is processed with EFI Fiery ColorWise color-management software. Other features include EFI Spot-On for creating and managing spot colors in Fiery 6, advanced hot-folder capability, and an EFI Color Profiler option for creating ICC profiles. (EFI: www.efi.com)

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