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EFI Releases Vutek QS2 Pro UV Hybrid

Driven by the company’s new Orion OS.

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EFI has announced the Vutek QS2 Pro UV hybrid, which is driven by the company’s new Orion OS. The Orion OS controls a combination of software and hardware that work together to provide grayscale readiness, remote assistance, enhanced color, integration, and improved performance, the company reports. The QS2 Pro offers variable-drop grayscale technology, 6 colors plus white, and multi-layer print capabilities – all in-line. It can accommodate media up to 80-in. wide and 2-in. thick.

In addition, the company showcased its 127-in., 6-color Vutek HS100 Pro, which can handle up to 100 beds/boards per hr (50 in P-O-P mode); 3600 sq ft/hr in roll-to-roll mode. Like the QS2 Pro, the HS100 is also driven by Orion software and a Fiery proServer and also offers variable-drop grayscale technology. The HS100 also features three-layer white print capability; variable matte or gloss finish; and an on-board calibration system.


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