EFI Unveils SmartSign Analytics System

Also introduces new thermoforming inks, plus inks for corrugated plastic printing and more.

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EFI has unveiled its SmartSign Analytics (SSA), a system that automatically captures and analyzes signage viewership and engagement data. Conceived and shown as a technology demonstration by EFI’s Online Print Solutions (OPS) unit, SSA is designed to help signage providers and retail marketers better measure and understand the effectiveness of their efforts. A single SSA unit includes a webcam attached to a sign, which is connected to a computer or tablet running facial-recognition software and EFI’s SSA software for data organization, analytics, and reporting. The SSA’s webcam and software combination detects the presence of people within viewing range and determines which of them are actually viewing the sign; eye-tracking tools on the SSA system also allow it to calculate how much time is spent viewing signage. The SSA technology provides more-detailed demographic information as well: Using proprietary facial-pattern algorithms, the SSA system assigns a gender and age range to each viewer (the system discards facial-pattern data on the fly, with no actual images of faces stored). SSA will enter beta testing this quarter, the company reports.

EFI also has introduced new thermoforming inks. The 8-color (CMYKcmyk + white) inks – for first- and second-surface deep-draw thermoformed applications – are engineered to withstand post-process heat forming, cutting and routing without chipping, cracking, or flaking, the company reports. The water-/moisture-resistant inks are designed for the new Vutek GS3250 Pro-TF and GS2000 Pro-TF printers, specially modified versions of the GS Pro models.

And EFI has announced the development of new inks for corrugated plastic printing. Compatible with all brands of white corrugated polypropylene, the inks (CMYKcmyk) will run on new Vutek GS2000 Pro-CP and GS3250 Pro-CP printers. both specifically for corrugated plastic output.

Also new are EFI Vutek GS 3M Premium UV Inks for its Vutek GS Pro series printers. The inks give GS Pro users the benefit of the 3M MCS Warranty, which covers fading, cracking, peeling, and other aspects of graphic performance for the life of the graphic.


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