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ElevenTen Color Offers Ink Performance Guarantee

Solvent inks are compatible with Mimaki, Roland, and Mutoh printers.

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ElevenTen Color, a new division of Tekgraf, has introduced a non-OEM solvent ink with a performance and compatibility guarantee. This performance guarantee-covering both hardware and output-states that its inks will work without issues related to durability, performance, and service. Specifically, it guarantees that

* If a user experiences hardware problems associated with the ink, ElevenTen Color will reimburse the costs associated with repair;

* If the ElevenTen Color ink does not perform to the durability and fade guidelines provided, the user will be reimbursed the cost of the ink; and

* If ElevenTen Color media was used, the customer will be reimbursed for the cost of the media as well.

The ElevenTen Color solvent inks are currently compatible with many Mimaki, Roland, and Mutoh printers.

Additionally, ElevenTen Color has absorbed Tekgraf's Luminosity line of media for aqueous and solvent inkjet printers. Aqueous media include banners, signs, textiles, photo films and papers, and self-adhesive vinyl; solvent media include banners, signage, textiles, film, vinyl, paper, and self-adhesive vinyl. Media profiles and compatibility guides can be found at the company's website.


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