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Encad and Ideal Provide Scan-to-Print Solution

Encad printers bundled with an Ideal/Contex scanner

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Encad, a subsidiary of Eastman Kodak, has partnered with IDEAL to provide a complete scan-to-print solution called, "Total Solution." Encad's T200+ printer or NovaJet 1000i will be bundled with an Ideal/Contex scanner, giving customers one-stop shopping. Kodak will provide support for both the Encad printers and the Ideal/Contex scanners.

"Ideal/Contex scanners and Ideal software solutions enable our customers to scan-to-print, index, and digitally manage and edit drawings. Encad printers round out our product offering by enabling our customers to print their digital files as needed," says Jay Magenheim, president of Ideal.

The Encad T200+ printer permits users to switch back and forth from 4-color graphics printing to monochrome CAD output at speeds up to 567 sq ft/hr, using either dye or pigmented inks. The Encad NovaJet 1000i printer can print at speeds up to 220 sq ft/hr, and is specially designed to output artistic prints using Quantum Inks and Kodak Media. (Ideal: www.ideal.com; Encad: www.encad.com)

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