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Epson Initiates UltraGiclee Print Certification Program

Certification training classes to be held nationwide.

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Epson has created a new UltraGiclee print certification program, which will guarantee the longevity of certain Epson fine-art prints.

The UltraGiclee certified fine-art prints will be warranted to resist noticeable fading from 80 years from the original date of purchase. The print must be created on select Epson professional printers using select professional media and Epson UltraChrome ink. In addition, the prints must be framed, handled, and displayed according to the specific warranty conditions.

In order to earn UltraGiclee certification, printmakers will attend a training class on proper training and finishing techniques. Classes will be offered in late spring in various cities across the country; details on these classes will be offered at www.epson.com/ultragiclee beginning March 14, 2005.

Wilhelm Imaging Research has independently tested the printers, inks, and papers used in the certification program for the fine-art, fine-art reproduction, and fine-art photography industries, Epson reports. Final prints made according to the program's specifications will be registered and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. (Epson: www.epson.com)

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