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Ergosoft Releases PosterPrint And StudioPrint 11

PosterPrint features ColorGPS and StudioPrint features six blacks

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Ergosoft has released version 11 of its PosterPrint software RIP. It features ColorGPS, a new ICC color-profile-generation engine, and a new screening mode that improves coverage areas when using variable- droplet inkjet printers. For matching spot colors, version 11 can create named color profiles and provide a printed custom target of color samples. The "most appealing" color rendering can replace the old color make-up values"?all users have to do is save them as part of the print settings. Once saved, PosterPrint will automatically seek and replace named spot colors with the best recipe to reproduce spot colors on-the-fly. These new features help make simulating spot colors such as Pantone, Toyo, DIC, and HKS easier.

The company also has introduced version 11 of its StudioPrint software RIP for fine-art and photographic image production. The new version of StudioPrint features support for up to six levels of black for monochromatic printing, opening up new opportunities for users of legacy 6- color printers looking for effective ways to use older equipment. StudioPrint also uses ErgoSoft's ColorGPS ICC Color Profiler to generate color profiles and is supported by variable-droplet piezo inkjet printers such as Epson, Roland, Mimaki, HP, and Canon.

Both new RIPs feature: the ability to automatically re-nest images in a single command; select and scale, rotate, duplicate, rearrange and delete multiple images at a time; and hierarchical printer support that places Print Environments into groups and subgroups"?giving users the ability to have unlimited jobs in the job queue. Users are able to automatically download Print Environments from the Web during installation or at any time in the future so their Print Environments Server is as complete as possible with the latest profiles. (Ergosoft: www.ergosoftus.com)

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