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Esko-Graphics Upgrades Scope with BackStage 2.0

Integrates all design and production components into a single workflow.

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Esko-Graphics has released BackStage 2.0, an upgrade for Scope, the company's workflow automation server. Backstage integrates all design and production components in one workflow, automating routine tasks through batch functionality and the use of hot folders and streamlining communications within the graphics environment. Job parameters can be defined up front, helping to reduce errors throughout subsequent job processing.

BackStage 2.0 is JDF-enabled, capable of accepting instructions that direct tasks to correctly process a job and remotely drive other software functions with JDF commands. The software supports four different uses: job creation linking an MIS/order entry system to the BackStage Graphics Information System; digital delivery between BackStage and an asset manager or proofing system; receiving feedback from a device; and launching tasks, even from the Web. (Esko-Graphics: www.esko-graphics.com)

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