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Etched Glass Window Films from Hexis

Resistant to oils, acids, alcohol, and hydrocarbons.

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Hexis USA's new Etched Glass Window Film (S5DEP) is a 3-mil high-performance polymeric vinyl that's available in six colors and offers a 5-yr (colors) or 8-yr (silver) outdoor durability. Inkjet printable using solvent or UV-curable inksets, the new window films feature an acrylic solvent-based adhesive that is resistant to most oils, acids, alcohol, and hydrocarbons.

Solvent prints do not require lamination; but if long durability or harsh conditions are expected, lamination is recommended"?liquid for curved surfaces and film for flat surfaces. Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, the films can give an etched glass, frosted glass, or sandblasted effect on any glass or mirror surface, glass partitions, or doors.

Colors include: blue, green, yellow, pink, sparkle, and silver. Rolls are available in sizes up to 60-in. wide.


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