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Evaluating Offshore Competition

Threats and opportunities may both be overstated, reports TrendWatch.

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Only 7% of print and prepress establishments cite international competition as a business challenge, according to a new report from the New York-based TrendWatch Graphic Arts (TWGA). In addition, only 9% of print providers have partnered with an overseas print provider.

The report, "Offshore Printing: The Market for Overseas Print Providers,"? evaluates the impact of overseas printing on the domestic printing industry"?primarily focusing on sheetfed offset printing. According to TWGA, while digital print providers were not specifically identified, those that were included in the report typically operate digital offset presses.

"We"?ve found that the threat [of the impact of overseas printing] is overstated. But then, so is the opportunity,"? says TWGA. "More pressing industry trends may very well preclude any net impact of offshoring."? Such trends include the gradual decline of offset printing as electronic alternatives to print continue to replace offset work. The increase in the demand for short-run work that is well-matched for digital printing also has significantly contributed to the reduction of offset printing, the group reports.

The 135-page report draws on TWGA"?s surveys of its markets and the organization"?s historical database of trends and industry changes, as well as US government data and secondary research sources.

Price: $995 for the full report, $99 for the Executive Summary.

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