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ExpressDigital Darkroom 8.8

Adds pan and zoom tools, design grids and snap-to-grid functionality.

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ExpressDigital has announced a new version of its digital workflow software, ExpressDigital Darkroom. Darkroom 8.8 improves upon its Template Workshop feature to include pan and zoom tools, design grids and snap-to-grid functionality to assist in the creation of borders, and calendar objects for creating custom calendars. Templates can now also have multiple graphic elements, meaning graphic layers of a border can be visible or invisible. A new healing brush also has been added to Darkroom's built-in Retouch Workshop.

In addition, a new Pro Services feature enables photographers to more easily connect to professional photography services via ExpressDigital's Internet storefront, PhotoReflect.com. A new PhotoReflect.com Tool Bar has been added to allow access to published event information including on-line sales data, the number of customer visits, and the number of photo cards sent.

The software also has added to its lineup of supported cameras and printers, to include new cameras and printers from companies such as Canon, Nikon, Fuji, and HP.

ExpressDigital Darkroom price: $495 Core edition; $1395 Professional edition, $3995 Assembly edition.


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