EZ Glide Liquid Laminator from Daige

And Rollguard coatings

Big Picture

Many graphics producers are interested in using liquid laminates as a less expensive alternative to films, but find that spraying them on is messy, hand rolling is slow and may result in streaks, and automatic applicators take too long to clean. Daige has addressed all of these problems in its new EZ Glide liquid laminator.

The 55-in. EZ Glide sets up in minutes, coats the print quickly, and then cleans up in less than 5 minutes. Daige's Rollaguard ? coating provides UV, abrasion, and water protection. To laminate, users simply pour in the liquid laminate, insert the media, and lock down the coating rod. The media is then pulled through the applicator for a smooth, even coating.

The EZ Glide sells for $695. (Daige, Inc.: 800-645-3323; www.daige.com)

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