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FDC Adds Overlaminates

New films include a glossy calendered laminate.

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FDC has expanded its line of overlaminates. New films include:

* The 3.5-mil FDC 7011 is a glossy calendered laminate that protects against chemical, abrasion, and UV damage. It's designed to be paired with FDC 7240 and is conformable with flat surfaces and simple curves. Applications include P-O-P graphics, decals, interior/exterior signage, labels, and window graphics; it offers 5-yr durability.

* The promotional-grade FDC 7061 laminate is a 10-mil polycarbonate with a luster finish for use with graphics in high-scuff environments. The laminate adds depth to photo displays and P-O-P graphics, reports FDC.

* FDC 7004 is a 2.0-mil optically clear, high-gloss cast laminate. It offers 5-yr durability, can be used for both interior and exterior graphics with flat surfaces or simple curves, and is designed to be paired with cast, reflective, and FDC 7260 media.

* The promotional polypropylene FDC 7005 is a 1-mil laminate for short-term interior and exterior flat graphics. Providing 2-yr outdoor durability, the gloss laminate is designed to be matched with FDC 7246.


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