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FinePix S5 Pro Debuts

Fujifilm introduces digital SLR to North America.

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The FinePix S5 Pro digital SLR from Fujifilm, the successor to the company’s S3 Pro, has made its North American debut. The primary new features in the 12.3-Mpxl S5 Pro include increased dynamic range from its Super CCD SR double pixel technology, a new Real Photo Processor Pro (for noise reduction and minimized moire), and a fully digital metal alloy body frame. The new camera also includes the company’s Face Detection Technology, which detects up to 10 faces in a scene immediately after each image is captured; photographers can zoom in and confirm facial detail, whether eyes are open or closed, focus, and exposure.

Other features include: a 2.5-in. color display; RAW and JPEG dual save mode; a "Remark" function that enables the addition of comments to an image file by connecting a special bar code reader to the camera body; and more. Hyper Utility Software for precise editing control of images taken in CCD-RAW 14-bit format is optional. Fujifilm has yet to set a price.


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