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Firmware Updates from Olympus

The updates can be utilized with the Olympus Master or Studio software.

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Olympus has announced firmware updates for its E-3 and E-510 DSLRs and the Zuiko 70-300mm digital-specific lens.

The updates to the E-3 DSLR include: improved dial operation on the power grip HLD-4, improved battery-check function to extend shooting time when the power grip HLD-4 is attached, the immediate stopping of focusing once the AF start button is released, improved performance with FL-50R or FL-36R flash units when undertaking bounce flashes at short distances, improved dynamic-single target mode; and selection and prioritization of the central 5 ranging points when shooting in C-AF mode.

For both the E-3 and the E-510, image stabilization is available for OM mount non-Four-Thirds System interchangeable lenses. The Zuiko 70mm-300mm lens now has improved stabilized exposure precision technology.

The updates can be updated with the Olympus Master or Studio software.


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