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Fisher Enviro-Tex, Direct Disperse Fabric Lines

Compatible with sublimation and UV-curable printing.

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The eco-friendly Enviro-Tex from Fisher Textiles are fabrics that are compatible with UV -curableand dye-sub ink systems. Made with Repreve yarn (comprising post-industrial fiber waste and post-consumer plastic waste; produced by Unifi), the Enviro-Tex fabrics are compatible with sublimation and UV-curable printing. The 100%-polyester fabrics in the Enviro-Tex line consist of: 9460, a 5.6-oz Poly Knit in 100-in. rolls; 9401, a 3.2-oz Flag in 120-in. rolls; 9417, a 5-oz Soft Knit in 122-in. rolls; and 9499, a 6.6-oz Firesafe in 125-in. rolls.

Fisher also has announced its new Direct Disperse fabrics for direct dye-sub printing. Compatible with the d-Gen Teleios, DuPont Artistri, and Mimaki DS-1800 machines, the coating on the fabrics keeps the ink droplet in place, allowing for better ink penetration and high print quality. These fabrics are compatible with water-based dispersed inks for sublimation.

The Direct Disperse fabrics are 100% polyester (with one exception), and include:

* 2525, a 3.2-oz Dacron; 2542, a 4-oz Satin; 2560, a 6-oz Duck; and 4030, a 6.2-oz Hercules-all available in 57-in. rolls;
* 9364, a 7.5-oz Tri Poly in 58-in. rolls;
* 9399, a 3.8-oz Firesafe in 69-in. rolls;
* 7807, an 8.8-oz Power Stretch, comprising 94% polyester and 6% Lycra, in 120-in. rolls;
* 7817, a 5-oz Soft Knit, and 7880, a 9-oz Heavy knit, both available in 122-in. rolls; and
* 7831, a 7-oz Oxford in 125-in. rolls.



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