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Fisheye-Hemi Plug-In Version 1.1.0

Update supports a wider range of camera and fisheye lens combinations.

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Image Trends has released a new version of its Fisheye-Hemi plug-in. The updated version of the Photoshop-compatible filter offers three choices of automatic fisheye image correction that support a wider range of camera and fisheye lens combinations: Fisheye-Hemi 1, designed to work best with a lens and camera combination covering 180 degrees horizontally across thecomfield; Fisheye-Hemi 2, with a camera/lens combination that covers 180 degrees diagonally; and Fisheye-Hemi 3, with a combination that covers less than 180 degrees.

The current version is available for Windows only; a Mac version is expected in the first half of 2007.

Price: $29.95; upgrade is free for users of version 1.0.0.


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