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Flash Photobition Offers TufflineTV Display

System includes 17-in. monitor, MPEG player, and full-color graphics.

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Flash Photobition’s TufflineTV display system comprises a 17-in. monitor, MPEG player, and two full-color graphics. All the components are integrated into the company’s Tuffline freestanding display unit; glassless and borderless, the Tuffline display features a magnetic adhesion system for graphics.

The monitor shows MPEG-formatted videos, driven by the included MPEG player hidden within the unit. The entire Tuffline TV Display measures 650 x 1800 mm (approx. 25.5 x 70.9 in.).

Price: $2695; an upgraded system that includes a 19-in. widescreen monitor also is available, for $2895.