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Flex-o-Lite Sheet is Flexible EL Lamp

Available in sizes from 8.3 x 12 to 33.1 x 46.9 inches.

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The Flex-o-Lite Sheet is a 1-mm thick electroluminescent lamp that can be used on windows and walls, in banner stands, and even in floor graphic systems; it can even be wrapped around columns, pillars, and customized surfaces, the company reports. The sheet can be partially lit (to illuminate a company logo), entirely lit (for backlighting purposes), or lit in sequence (for animation purposes). Printed graphics are installed overtop of the sheet.

The lightweight Flex-o-Lite Sheet features a brightness of 1000 Luxs/sqm (300 cd/m2); it also features low power consumption, low radiation, and minimal heat production. It's recommended for indoor use; outdoor use requires UV protection and weather protection.

The sheet is produced in sizes from 8.3 x 12 to 33.1 x 46.9 in. It can also be fabricated to fit a custom shape (additional charges apply).


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