Flipping for Digital Man

How Blink Giant Media won Fespa's Digital Man Competition.

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In winning Fespa Digital’s “Digital Man Competition,” London-based Blink Giant Media went above and beyond, literally, the expectations of the competition.

The Digital Man campaign encouraged a “digital revolution” by challenging entrants to photograph or film themselves wearing a Digital Man mask – the Digital Man being Fespa’s cool, sunglass-wearing icon for digital print – while adjacent to an impressive wide-format print, and to upload the footage to the Digital Man social-media outlets.

Blink chose London’s renowned Alfa Laval Building, a high-rise tower, for its industrial-looking wrap. But then the company took its filmed entry to the next level by having Seth Allen of Flying Arts completing acrobatic stunts and gracefully defying gravity as he rappelled down the wrapped building’s sides.

"It was fantastic news to hear that we had won the competition for the Digiman campaign. We had great fun producing the shoot…." says Steve Wilkinson of Blink Giant Media. As of this writing, the video had received more than 600 views on YouTube. Credit to Point Access for filming, and to Adam Brown, editor.

Here's the link to the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8M4MsO25TI

In addition, Fespa issued a “People’s Choice” award for the image or video that received the most “likes” via Facebook. Imma Maureso, account manager at NetLink Imaging S.L.,whose picture shows the Digital Man sprawled across a floor surrounded by colorful wide-format prints, took home the prize.

Also of note: The real “digital man” – the person behind the Digital Man icon mask –drove to Fespa Digital 2011 in a Smart Car to announce the winners of the Digital Man Competition. On the way, he stopped to visit a series of print providers who took turns to wrap sections of his vehicle.

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