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Fluid Mask 3 from Vertus

Masking software provides edge-detection and "smart blending" capabilities.

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Vertus has introduced Fluid Mask 3, the latest of version of its masking software, which can enable users to realize increased processing speeds up to 40% faster than the previous versions, reports the company.

Improvements to the software include a more effective edge-detection system and improved 'Smart Blending' capability, allowing users to easily and quickly 'cut-out' objects from their backgrounds. The upgraded version of the software provides a slider tool that permits easily switching between 'Smart Blending' and standard feather blending. The software also offers specific blending algorithms which automatically cut out complex edges.

Additional new features include:

* A 'Save Settings' option that enables users to recall edge detection, blending, and resolution options from previous settings.

* The addition of a 'Color Sampler' to the 'Color Workspace' palette, allowing users to select specific colors from an image and locate where the colors appear elsewhere in the image. A 2-D color map has also been added to the 'Color Workspace,' which enables more accurate color selection.

* A 'Patch' system that allows users to make changes affecting a selected localized region without affecting the rest of the image. Users can launch a test render of the localized patch and toggle between the working image and the rendering of the final mask.

Fluid mask is currently available for Windows XP and Vista and for Mac 10.3.9 and higher. The software continues to function as a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop CS2, CS2, and Elements. It also works in stand-alone mode for image formats that accept transitions to transparency in 8-bit RGB (TIFF and PNG).

Price: $239.


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