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FoldFactory's FoldRite Template Master

Program offers more than 85 folding styles.

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FoldRite Template Master, from FoldFactory, is a custom digital folding template creator for graphic-arts professionals. A plug-in for InDesign, FoldRite provides the user with a selection of 85 folding styles and then builds custom templates to user specifications. FoldRite templates take into account all of the paper-handling variables of the folding process, using industry-approved settings, and come complete with fold marks and panel cues in the slug area.

FoldFactory had an intriguing way of showing its product at Graph Expo: The company worked with several other vendors, including Adobe, Avanti, CIP4, Duplo, the JDF folks, and Kodak to put together a small print shop on the show floor that was fully automated using a JDF workflow. In the sample workflow, a brochure was created, using FoldRite imported into Adobe InDesign. A PDF was created containing all of the folding intent and other JDF data through the Avanti MIS system, sent through the Kodak Prinergy RIP, and printed on a Kodak Nexpress 700. It was then folded on a Duplo folder using JDF instructions sent through the Avanti MIS system.


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