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FreedomFrame Gets New Variations

Back-to-Back and DIY versions of aluminum front-loading snap frame.

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Rose Displays has announced two new variations to its aluminum front-loading snap frame called FreedomFrame: the Back-to-Back FreedomFrame and the Do-It-Yourself FreedomFrame.

The Back-to-Back integrates two FreedomFrames connected back-to-back for display on both sides, with a universal clip in the middle for a variety of hanging options.

The Do-It-Yourself ships unassembled to customers, with corner brackets and four rails cut to the customer"?s size specifications. Each rail has adhesive tape backing for easy wall mounting. This version ships with no backer board.

FreedomFrame uses Rose Displays"? snap-open hinge technology for easy graphic changeout, and can be ordered in any size ranging from 8 x 8 to 46 x 94 in. The display system is available in clear, black, and new Champagne anodized

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