Fujifilm Announces New Acuity Advance Select HS

Four HS models are available.

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Fujifilm North America has added to its lineup of Acuity Advance Select Series printers with the new Acuity Advance Select HS flatbed. The new printer is based on the company’s recently announced Acuity Advance Select, but adds higher speeds: It can hit a top speed of 535 sq ft/hr in Production Squared mode.

Four HS models are available: the Acuity Advance Select HS-4 (CMYK, 4 x 8-ft bed); Advance Select HS-4 X2 (CMYK, 8 x 10-ft bed); Advance Select HS-6 (six ink channels, 4 x 8-ft bed); and Advance Select HS-6 X2 (six ink channels, 8 x 10-ft bed). In the Select HS6 models, channels five and six can be configured to add extra cyan and magenta nozzle capacity (for enhanced print speed and productivity), or can alternatively be configured with white and clear ink channels (in clear + white, or white + white configurations). All of the printers utilize Fujifilm’s Uvijet inks.

Other features on the new printer series include: active pixel placement compensation (for image sharpness, uniformity); a precise vacuum system (six zones on the HS models, seven zones on the X2 models); batch mode operation (for unattended production and collated sets of prints); and more. Max. substrate thickness is 1.89 in.; a roll media kit for flexible materials is optional.


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