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Full Spectrum Lens from Coastal Optical Systems

Designed for fine art, science, and other uses.

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Coastal Optical Systems has introduced its CoastalOpt 60mm UV-VIS-IR 1:4 Apo Macro lens. The lens, designed for fine art as well as science and other uses, features full apochromatic correction (a high level of correction in color imperfection due to refraction of light rays) over a broad waveband ranging from ultraviolet (310 nm) to infrared rays (1100 nm). The lens is intended for use with full-spectrum cameras such as the Fujifilm UVIR and IS Pro DSLRs.

Featuring an aperture range of f/4 to f/45, the manual focus lens has an automatic diaphragm which allows for maximum viewfinder brightness. Also, the lens’ ultra broadband anti-reflection coating minimizes glare and ghosting. The hardware also features an all-metal lens barrel, a floating element design, and CPU for metadata transmission and is designed for use with both 35mm film and digital formats.

Price: $4495.


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