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FusionPro 4.2 from Printable Technologies

New variable-data features available.

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Printable Technologies has released FusionPro VDP suite, version 4.2, which includes new features for the design and composition of variable-data documents. Version 4.2 adds compatibility with Adobe Acrobat 8 on Windows as well as Windows Vista, plus nearly a dozen enhancements to its JavaScript-rules editor-such as color coding, script auto-complete, search and replace, and some script-formatting options-all designed to make JavaScript-rule creation faster, easier to review and modify, and less error-prone.

FusionPro 4.2 also adds: the option to quickly confirm that the FusionPro Direct composition and e-mail notification components have been properly configured; support for the USPS Intelligent Mail barcode (which will be a requirement for customers seeking US Postal Service automation discounts in 2009); and a FusionPro Server configuration confirmation.

Price: Desktop version, $399. Also available in Direct (for large VDP printstreams), Web (merges data, images, and database files online), and Server editions.



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