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Galerie Smooth Pearl from Ilford Available in 60-inch Widths

Also offers custom-built ICC profiles.

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Ilford has announced that its Galerie Smooth Pearl photo paper will now be available in 60-in. rolls.

'The applications of this new media are endless,' explains Tom Poudrier, drector of marketing, Oji Ilford USA. 'Artists, graphic designers, and other imaging professionals are now able to use Ilford Galerie Smooth Pearl rolls to create storyboards or life-size images, without relying on a studio or laboratory to do so. With the new 60-in. rolls, these artists are finally able to control their large-format creative process every step of the way,' says Poudrier.

This new size maintains the features of the Galerie Smooth Pearl product, reports Ilford, including: instant-dry nanoporous properties with the finish of a pearl print; the true look and feel of a photographic print; minimal glare and fingerprints; and the ability to work compatibly with all high-quality dye- and pigment-based inkjet printers.

Ilford also has made available custom-built ICC profiles covering its range of media. As a new printer arrives on the market, the company will add a corresponding profile.


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