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Gandinnovations Debuts Jeti 3148 X-2 UV True Flatbed

6-color printer handles media up to 2-inches thick.

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Gandinnovations has introduced its Jeti 3148 X-2 UV True Flatbed featuring 48 Spectra printheads. The 48-head design, the company reports, gives shops more production options while providing high-throughput speeds. The printer is designed to print on rigid materials such as foam boards, corrugated boards, plastics, and sheet metal, as well as vinyl, canvas and fabric.

A 6-color (CMYKcm) printer, the Jeti 3148 X-2 features a 5 x 10-ft print area. Users can switch to white and clear varnish options for a CMYK+WV inkset as well. The printer offers resolutions from 300 x 600 to 600 x 1200 dpi. In best-quality mode, the Jeti 3148 X-2 prints at 1200 dpi with a print speed of 900 sq ft/hr; maximum print speed is 1500 sq ft/hr.

The 3148 X-2 also features a three-zone vacuum-controlled system designed to eliminate masking and hold media in place. The flatbed table also utilizes linear motion to ensure accurate registration on both rigid and flexible materials. The Jeti can handle media up to 120 x 60 in. and rigid media up to 2-in. thick.

The printer features a user interface with a 15-in. LCD flat-panel display. Users have a choice of an Onyx, Shiraz, or Wasatch RIP upon purchase. Safety shielding is an option.


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