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Gandinnovations Debuts Jeti Liquid Laminate

New clear gloss coating is water-based, water-soluble.

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Gandinnovations has introduced its own Jeti Liquid Laminate, a clear gloss coating made especially for grand-format signs, P-O-P displays, car wraps, and oversized banners. Applied with a sponge brush, sprayer, or a liquid laminator, the new laminate comes in two versions: One acts as a primer and is applied to help ink adhesion for solvent/UV-curable printing onto rigid substrates such as glass and ceramic tiles; the other is a laminate used to bring out the brilliance in a printed graphic and protect the finished image. The laminates have been tested on images printed using solvent and UV-curable Jeti machines, and are also compatible with aqueous and mild-solvent inksets.

The amount of protection depends on the thickness of the laminate. One gallon covers approximately 600 to 1100 sq ft, depending on the material and thickness of the coat, Gandinnovations reports. The laminate is dry to the touch in minutes and totally cured in 24 hours. The water-based, water-soluble product does not contain any volatile organic compounds (VOCs).



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