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Gandinnovations Introduces Jeti 3300DS and 3150 UV

Grand-format UV and dye-sub/direct-print textile printers

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Jeti 3300DS. This 129-in. printer is both a dye-sub and direct-print textile printer. Using Gandinnovation's solvent-based dye-sub inks, it features three color/resolution settings: 600 dpi in 6-color, 300 dpi in 4-color or in a 4/6-color combination. Speeds range from 340 sq ft/hr in 4-color 600-dpi mode to 655 sq ft/hr for 6-color 300-dpi printing.

When using the dye-sub inks, the paper or fabric must be run through a heat press to sublimate the inks and make them a permanent part of the fabric. To keep production speeds high, Gandinnovations suggests coupling the 3300DS with a wide-format rollfed Klieverik heat laminator.

Featuring 12 Spectra printheads, the Jeti 3300DS can print onto vinyl, canvas, fabrics, mesh, and paper; it can also print directly onto polyester-based fabrics. The Jeti 3300DS comes with a choice of Onyx PosterShop, Wasatch SoftRIP, ColorGate, and ErgoSoft on PCs; it uses the Caldera RIP on Macs. List price: $225,000. In addition, Gandinnovations has finalized beta testing and is now shipping its 5 x 10-ft Jeti 3150 UV flatbed, introduced at Drupa 2004. It offers 24 Spectra SL128 heads with an automatic cleaning system; user 's choice of Caldera, Onyx, and Wasatch RIPs; and speeds up to 550 sq ft/hr in best mode (600 dpi apparent) and up to 861 sq ft/hr in standard mode, for printing on corrugated materials.

The Jeti 3150 UV utilizes UVcurable inks in 12 ink (2.5-l) tanks. Currently, the printer offers a 6-color CMYKcm inkset; in 3 months, Gandinnovations reports, users will also be able to choose a 4-color CMYK+W inkset featuring white ink.

The printer's heavy-duty vacuum bed has pop-up pins for secure placement of media. Its 5 x 10-ft bed can handle a wide variety of substrates, from light media such as vinyl, fabrics, and foamboard to metal or glass panels or doors; the Jeti 3150 can handle substrates up to 2 in. thick, weighing up to 200 lbs.

Other features include: heaters in the reservoir to maintain ink temperatures, and a vacuum system for the ink, which eliminates excess air in the system. The flatbed lists at $475,000. (Gandinnovations: www.gandinnovations.com)

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