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Gandinnovations' Jeti 3324 UV RTR

Features tracking magnets for precise dot placement.

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Gandinnovations has introduced the Jeti 3324 UV RTR printer. A 130-in. roll-to-roll machine, it offers 6-color (CMYKcm) UV-curable inks jetted through 24 Spectra printheads"?4 heads per color. Its UV inks offer a 1- to 2-yr life, the company reports.

With true 300- and 600-dpi resolutions (1200-dpi apparent resolution), the 3324 UV features speeds up to 650 sq ft/hr in Best mode and up to 1050 sq ft/hr in Production mode. The 3324 will print onto a variety of media (up to 0.25-in. thick) including frontlit, backlit, adhesive vinyl, canvas, fabric, mesh, and most rolled substrates.

In addition, the 3324 UV also features a linear motor with tracking magnets for precise dot placement as well as an on-board camera system to tune the heads, plus an auto cleaning/wiping system. Its high and low ink vacuum system ensures smooth ink flow by removing ink air bubbles and keeps ink suspended in the heads to prevent ink overflow.

The 3324 UV comes with choice of RIP: Onyx PosterShop, Shiraz, or Wasatch SoftRIP for PC, or Caldera GrandRIP+ for use on a Mac. An optional rewind station is available, allowing users to rewind larger full rolls.

Price: $295,000.


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