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Gandinnovations Offers Jeti 3318 and HD Backlit Camera

4- and 6-color Jeti 3318 includes 18 printheads

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Gandinnovations has introduced its 18- head Jeti 3318 and a High Definition (HD) Backlit Camera, the latter designed to aid in producing better-aligned two-sided backlits/prints.

Based on the 12-head Jeti 3300, the new 4- or 6-color Jeti 3318 includes 18 Spectra printheads, features resolutions up to 600 dpi, and speeds up to 732 sq ft/hr. Other new technology includes a software upgrade that compensates for any individual nozzle misfiring. Also included is an automatic head-wiping feature, designed to eliminate the need to stop production and manually clean the heads, and a mesh blanket that works with the heating system to ensure media will not stick to the front of the printer. Price: $225,000 to $275,000.

The new High Definition (HD) Backlit Camera system comprises camera, software, video capture board, and a rewind unit (rewind unit is sold separately, but is necessary to rewind the printed image, which is then flipped to print onto the reverse side). The software automatically registers print targets, so that when the substrate material is reversed, the camera "?mounted to the printheads"?tracks the image on the reverse side by calibrating with those targets. The camera also can catch skews or stretching that sometimes occurs in the middle of the material.

The HD backlit camera and rewind roller unit is an add-on feature for existing Jeti 3312, 3318, and 5000 printers. For new machines, it will be a factory option available at purchase.

GANDINNOVATIONS www.gandinnovations.com

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