GBC Introduces Extra Wide Arctic Films

Three 79-in. wide films provides leeway with 72-in. prints

Big Picture

GBC has announced three 79-in. wide pressure-sensitive films: Arctic? Gloss and Arctic? Lustre overlaminate films and Arctic? Dura Mount mounting film. The extra-wide sizes give operators of GBC's new Talon 80 laminator and other 80-in. laminators a little extra margin for error when feeding 72-in. wide prints into the laminator. By having 3.5-in. of extra film available on each side of the print, laminator operators don't have to worry about running the print off the edge of the film if the print is slightly skewed when fed into the laminator.

The extra-wide films also allow two-up laminating of 36-in. wide prints output on 72-in. wide inkjet printers. (GBC: 800-723-4000;

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