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GBC's 5031 Finishing System

Includes the 5031TS Laminator, 5031 Feeder, and 5031 Cutter.

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GBC has announced a new professional two-sided finishing system"?the 5031 system, comprising the 5031TS Laminator, 5031 Feeder, and 5031 Cutter. Designed for applications such as menus, maps, certificates, posters, and manual covers, the system accommodates media up to 31-in. wide, 1.5 to 10-mil thick, and will finish products at rates up to 35 ft/min.

Accommodating paper from 20 lb bond to 28 pt cover stock, the 5031 Feeder features an adjustable feed roller pressure to ensure a straight feed.

The 5031TS laminator features a large feed table to accommodate long prints, a large cooling deck to allow faster runs of thick films, adjustable scrap rewinds, three slitters for edge and center slitting of 2-up jobs, and heated rollers to eliminate cold spots.

The 5031Cutter features inline guides to keep jobs aligned, as well as flush-cut and side-cutting capabilities.


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