GCC Shipping StellarJet 183UV

Rollfed/ flatbed hybrid handles various color options.

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GCC has announced that it is now shipping a new UV-curable printer: the StellarJet 183UV. Joining the company’s 98-in. StellarJet 250UV hybrid, the 183UV is a 72-in. rollfed/flatbed hybrid that can accommodate media up to 1-in. thick.

Armed with CMYK inks and four Konica Minolta 512 M printheads that produce 14-pl drops, the StellarJet also offers light cyan and light magenta as options, plus white ink and varnish (available in Q2 2008). Its continuous ink-supply system monitors ink levels in the 2-l tanks to ensure a steady flow. Its dual Mercury-lamp UV-curing system features shutters that allow for bidirectional curing at faster speeds.

Top resolution for the StellarJet 183UV is 720 dpi with CMYK and 1440 x 1440 dpi for a CMYKcm inkset. It reaches a top print speed of 646 sq ft/hr in 360 x 360-dpi mode and 165 sq ft/hr in 720 x 720-dpi mode.

Other features include the Lucid-Focus Media Calibration Focus system, which allows the user to optimize the focal distance of the printhead carriage to accommodate different thicknesses of media, without any tools. Its Lucid-Guide Media Guiding system aligns the substrate, especially rigid media, keeping it on the expected printing track.

Compatible with Amica ColorPrint, Onyx ProductionHouse, and Onyx PosterShop RIPs, the 183UV comes standard with a built-in 11-zone vacuum bed and a 154-lb heavy-duty roll-supply system. Options include additional extension tables and a roll take-up system. Price: $72,995.


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