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Genuine Fractals 5, Genuine Fractals Print Pro 5

Features improved scaling technology, faster performance, and ease of use.

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OnOne Software has announced the availability of Genuine Fractals 5 and Genuine Fractals Print Pro 5 Photoshop plug-ins, both compatible with Photoshop CS3. It boasts improved scaling technology, faster performance, and greater ease of use, and includes these specific enhancements and features:

* New user interface and Photoshop CS3 compatibility: In addition to being compatible with Photoshop CS3, Genuine Fractals 5 has been rewritten as a universal binary to be fully compatible with Power-PC and Intel-based Macintosh computers. It also has a brand-new user interface.

* Improved scaling algorithm: Allows for more than 1000% (10,000% area equivalent) enlargements "with no loss in detail," the company reports.

* Multi-processor support: Supports multi-processor computers such as dual-processor and dual-core computers.

* Document size presets: Allows users to crop and resize images in a single step with more than 70 built-in document-size presets.

* Robust layer support: Supports resizing Photoshop files with multiple layers, including adjustment layers, non-rasterized text layers, smart objects, paths, and alpha channels. Files no longer have to be flattened before scaling

* Texture controls: Users have access to key variables in the scaling algorithm, allowing for adjustment of the amount of detail that’s "pulled out" of continuous-tone areas; users can also control how strongly the algorithm works on edges and areas of high contrast.

* Built-in sharpening controls: Gives users the option to add sharpening to a file during the scaling process.

* Built-in film grain controls: Provides the option to add simulated film grain after a file has been scaled.

* Photoshop action support: Lets users record actions for multiple sizes and batch-process a folder of images.

* Additional file-format support: Supports 8- and 16-bit RGB and grayscale images; Print Pro 5 offers additional support for CMYK and LAB color modes.

Pricing: $159.95, Genuine Fractals 5; $299.95, Genuine Fractals Print Pro 5.

The company also has announced the availability of Photoshop CS3-compatible updates to its Photoshop plug-ins, including Intellihance Pro, Mask Pro, Genuine Fractals, and PhotoFrame Pro software.