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Gerber Previews New Duo

Solara UV and XRT2500 introduced

Big Picture

As indicated in The Big Picture's Nov/Dec 2004 issue, Gerber Scientific Products previewed two new printers at the 2004 SGIA show"?the Solara UV wide-format UV printer and the XRT2500 grand-format, solvent inkjet printer. Both printers were still in their testing stages as this piece was written (commercial sales are expected to begin in Q1 2005), but Gerber feels these new printers are indicative of the positive changes the company has made.

"Re-invigorating innovation has been one of our four key strategic objectives at Gerber over the last 21.2 years," says Marc T. Giles, president and CEO of Gerber Scientific. "Our new product-development process is now driving significant product and service innovations across all of Gerber's operating units. The strength of our new-product pipeline and the growing vitality of our markets represent significant opportunities for Gerber Scientific."

The Solara UV is the first digital inkjet system developed entirely in-house by Gerber Scientific. A 6-color (CMYK, plus violet and green) roll-to-roll UV piezo printer, it accommodates a variety of uncoated materials with widths from 15 to 60 in. and can hit a top speed of 75 sq ft/hr. It offers a native resolution of 360 x 360 dpi (600 dpi apparent), and utilizes a Gerber ImageRIP Pro by Onyx.

Although the XRT2500 is not a Gerber solo effort (the company worked with outside partners to develop this printer), it's capable of printing up to 99.2 in. wide with speeds up to 400 sq ft/hr. A 6-color solvent machine (CMYKcm), the XRT2500 uses 12 Spectra SM-128 piezo printheads (2 heads x 6 colors) and can image on a wide range of media, including banner, self-adhesive vinyl, mesh, and textiles. It offers a native resolution of 300 x 600 dpi (300 x 800 dpi apparent), and utilizes an ImageRIP Pro by Onyx.

Features include: a Fly-By-Wire user interface, which helps users quickly learn and operate the printer; a built-in bulk inkdelivery system, with automatic ink-sensor controls; a four-phase drying system comprising a platen heater, post-heater, radiant heater, and drying fans; and a heavy-duty material handling and transport system, regulating the media from the material roll through the machine to the take-off roll.

The price on both of these printers has yet to be established. (Gerber Scientific Products: www.gspinc.com)

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