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Gerber Updates Solara UV2

Now offers full bleed and rest modes, and more.

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Gerber has announced several upgrades to its 60-in. Solara UV2:

* Full bleed mode: The Solara UV2 can now print edge-to-edge on many rigid materials up to 0.5-in. thick.

* Performance print mode: Production capacity in two-pass print mode has been increased-it can now produce up to 18 4 x 8-ft boards or 200 18 x 24-in. signs in a day, Gerber reports.

* Rest mode: When the machine is idle for 60 min, it goes into rest mode, which helps extend the life of the printheads.

* Troubleshooting: New intelligent error messages provide solutions when troubleshooting printer operation.

Other improvements include manual specification of material sizes that cannot be measured with the included laser guide, as well as a vacuum control.

Current Solara owners can obtain the upgrade as a free download from Geber; new printers are shipping with these upgrades.


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