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Getty Launches Subscription Service

Creative Express offers monthly and annual options.

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Getty Images has launched Creative Express, a subscription-based licensing service where subscribers pay a single, upfront fee to access more than 50,000 images selected from the company's Photodisc and Digital Vision collections. The images span 16 major categories, including business, education, healthcare, nature, and travel. Getty reports that it will images to the collection each month to ensure fresh content.

"Creative Express enhances productivity"?customers simply search, download, and use images immediately," says Robert Gubas, vice president of product marketing.

Monthly and annual subscription options are available, as are multi-user discounts. In addition, customers can choose between "Web resolution" and "Print resolution" subscriptions. Downloads are limited to 50 per day; images can only be used during the duration of the subscription.

Prices: Print resolution - $499/mo, $1999/yr; Web resolution - $399/mo, $1599/yr. (Getty Images Creative Express: www.gettyimages.com/express)

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