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Glass Decorating Primer from Durst

Compatible with the Durst Rho Pictor and Rho 800 printers.

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The Glass Decorating System is designed to allow printed images to withstand harsh outdoor or wet conditions for long periods of time. A UV primer is applied to the glass via a screen-printing process (either a hand drawdown or a press) and the glass is then immediately printed using a Rho UV-curable printer. As the inks pass through the onboard lamps, both the primer and ink are cured together; the primer dries clear. To finish, the glass is baked in a post-cure oven (140? for 30 min.).

The wet-on-wet printing process forms a strong chemical bond and a high level of adhesion-which allows it to be used in various outdoor applications. Specifically, this glass system passed several tests for outdoor usage. Applications for this system includes seasonal outdoor signs, shop fittings, trade shows, furniture glass, partitions, gaming machines, mirrors, and non-permanent outdoor exhibits.

The system is compatible with the Durst Rigid inkset and the Rho Pictor and Rho 800 printers.


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