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GMG Releases ColorProof o5

Features intuitive user interface

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GMG has announced ColorProof o5, the latest in the company's color-accuracy and proofing technology offerings. Main features include a more intuitive user interface and new tools for quality assurance. Specific additions include:

• Workflow Overview, which provides a graphic representation of the complete system, including every job, for quick management and troubleshooting.
• Predefined Proof Standard technology, allowing users to choose an appropriate proof standard for which ColorProof automatically defines the correct parameters (print standard, color profile, proofing media, proofing printer, calibration set).
• Remote Proofing, which allows all completed proofing jobs and their settings to be exported or imported, to assist in process standardization.

Other added functionality includes soft proofing, load balancing, halftone dot proofs, and filter rules for automated production. ColorProof o5 also supports 16-bit TIFF files and integrates Adobe PrintEngine technology for processing PDF files; supports Epson StylusPro, HP Designjet, and Canon ImagePrograf output devices.


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