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GMG's New ColorServer And ProofPaper

Can automatically convert from one industry color space to another

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ColorServer, new from GMG, is color-conversion software that features automatic color-space converting, scaling, sharpening, and optimization of pixel and PDF image data. It can automatically convert from one standard"?such as ISO, SWOP, GRACoL"?or an in-house standard, to another. Specific features include: PDF to- PDF conversion where RGB images within a PDF file can be automatically scaled, sharpened, and separated; Gamut Mapping, where colors are preserved during the transformation from a larger color space to a smaller one; and RGB Data Optimization, where data is converted from one RGB color space to another. It's available in three versions:

    GMG ColorServer Pro is the standard version; you must add GMG Color- Proof (see below) to do proofing. Price: $11,250.
  • GMG ColorServer Pro Add-on is an optional module to a ColorProof system; it contains the same functions as GMG ColorServer Pro. Price: $8500.
  • ColorServer Separation is a separate add-on to ColorProof and generates separation files only. Price: $3000.

    GMG is also announcing version 4.1 of its ColorProof color-management system for calibrating digital inkjet proofers. Key features in the new version include: support for the new 8-color Epson Stylus Pro 4800, 7800, and 9800 printers; support for Mutoh's RJ8000 that prints in 4, 6, or 8 colors and does Pantone Hexachrome proofing; and support for laser printers. ColorProof v. 4.1 also features a number of new media profiles for the Epson x800 series and a variety of standards including SWOP, GRACoL, and ISO. Price: $2750 (2-up version); users of v. 4.0 can download v.4.1 at no charge.

    GMG also has introduced a new proofing paper for high-end contract proofs: GMG ProofPaper semimatte 250. Developed specifically for the new Epson Stylus Pro 4800, 7800, and 9800 printers (as well as for older x000 devices), the 250- gsm paper features a semi-matte finish that helps prevent over-inking and blotchy buildups, GMG reports. The paper features a white point that matches ISO standards, a delta E of less than 0.5, and a more homogeneous coating. Available in 100-ft rolls in widths from 17- to 42-in. wide and in 100- sheet boxes in A2 size (16.5 x 23.4 in.). MSRP: $199 for a 17-in. x 100-ft roll.

    At Print 05, GMG announced that it has appointed Grand Rapids, MI-based Chromaticity as the US master distributor of its products. Chromaticity will provide full distribution, installation, training, and support for GMG's complete product line.


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